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Welcome to SSW in Lidköping at Vänern – the largest fresh water lake in Scandinavia.


"The greatest fresh water archipelago anywhere with 22 000 islands and uncounted anchorages and coves to seek shelter or enjoy unspoiled nature."


SSW offers sailing activities for all ages. With a more than hundred-year history focused strictly on sailing, seamanship and fellowship, our Club has gained a reputation of friendliness and accommodation. Sailors from everywhere and aspiring sailors are most welcome to take part in our rich programs and to use our excellent facilities.


The expanding youth programs aim at recruiting and stimulating the young. We provide the facilities and knowledge for them to learn basic sailing and competitive sailing, as well as the appreciation and understanding of seamanship, navigation and how to enjoy boating safely and responsibly.


The extensive facilities of SSW are the small craft harbor – Framnäshamnen –in Lidköping (lon/lat), the scenic harbor and historic pavilion at Bösshamn (lon/lat) at the entrance of Ullersundet 6 nm north of Lidköping, as well as our docks and convenience facilities at Mista Point (lon/lat) in Ekens’ archipelageo between Läckö castle and the lighthouse at Naven.


About SSW (Segelsällskapet Westgötarne)


Founded on June 7 in 1890, SSW is one of the oldest sailing clubs in the region, and has extensive sailing activities devoted to youth development, racing, and cruising. Presently there are more than 650 members with a fleet of several hundreds of yachts.


The objectives of the Club established in 1890 remains in essence the guiding lights today: “SSW has as its purposes to facilitate the arts and skills of building and operating small vessels, to provide fellowship and entertainment for its members, and helping to educate and maintain spirit of seamanship and the life at sea.” With the availability of stock boats, the focus nowadays is more on sailing than boat building.


The objectives for the organization has also been adopted to the present needs of its members to operate the facilities every day during the sailing season, from May to September, as well has promoting SSW and its premium facilities and programs to sailors throughout Sweden and to visitors from abroad.


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SS Westgötarne - Segling
Strandgatan 17
53130 Lidköping

Strandvägen 17, Småbåtshamnen i Framnäs
53130 Lidköping

Tel: 051062250
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